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SPEED DATING 101 : 6 Tips for Speed Dating Success

As we are turning away from technology to help us meet potential dates, we turn back towards real social involvement. Face to face. To help you transition from voyeuristic app browsing to actual one on one contact, we’d like to pass along to you some experienced advice and techniques to make that first speed dating event enjoyable. #1 : Breaking the Ice Speed dating events are designed to be the ultimate icebreaker. Take advantage of that. Just be real and ask interesting questions about the other person. You know that you’re going to be attending a speed dating event, so [...]

Gents : How Do You Rate As A Speed Dater?

(Posted originally on facebook) WARNING: meant for comic relief and not to be taken seriously :-) Q: When you arrive at the speed dating event do you: A – Run through the entrance and scream “THE PARTY CAN START, I HAVE ARRIVED!” B - Greet the host to double check you’re in the right place, then head to the bar. C - Chest bump the host and buy a round of drinks for all fine ladies in the house. D - Stand to one side until the event is about to start, then nervously whisper in the hosts ear that [...]

Is He a Keeper? First Date Tips

First dates can be really awkward. Both of you will probably be nervous and may be a little anxious. That’s a good sign that the guy is really into you because it means that he wants to impress you and that he wants you to like him. If he’s nonchalant or acts like he doesn’t even want to be there chances are you won’t want a second date. If you’re getting ready to go out on a first date with someone that you think has the potential to be a serious relationship here are some signs that will let you [...]

Why Isn’t My Match Replying?

So you have gone to a dating event and had a great time. You may have met several people that you wanted to get to know further. You were matched with one and you sent him or her a message but haven’t heard back. Why aren't they replying to you? Why didn’t they follow up and ask you out? Should you send another message? How about another three messages? What’s the right thing to do? There could be many different reasons why your match hasn’t answered you. Here are just a few of them: Your Message Was Vague If you [...]