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Best First Date Ideas – Coffee, Drinks, Dinner?

Once you have met someone that you want to go on a date with you have to decide on the type of date you want to do on. The three most common first date locations are drink, dinner or coffee. Each one has pros and cons depending on your personality, your schedule, and your level of commitment to the date. Best First Date Idea 1: Coffee Meeting for coffee is the date setting with the lowest commitment level. Say you have met someone that seems interesting and you want to talk to them briefly and find out if you even [...]

5 Things Women Notice First About a Man

Women aren’t the only ones who have to think about the first impression that they make. Men who want to attract women at dating events or on a date also have some key areas that they should pay attention to. You might be surprised at what research shows women notice first about a man. According to relationship scientists women will decide that a man is attractive or unattractive in about 90 seconds. These are the 5 things that women are going to notice about you first guys: 1. Confidence Confidence is attractive in both sexes, but women are going to [...]

5 Things Men Notice First About a Woman

You might be surprised to find out what physical attributes men notice first about women. The ones you’re thinking of right now are not, in fact, the first things that men notice. So ladies if you are going to a dating event or out on a date and you want to get noticed here are the top 5 things that men are going to notice about you first: 1. Hair Women spend a lot of time and sometimes money getting their hair to look exactly the way that they want it. Men do notice your hair, but not in the [...]

Date During the Day – 3 Reasons To

Have you ever gone a date during the day? If not, why not? Dating during the day may be a little unconventional but there are some big benefits to planning a day date. Day dates are a great twist on traditional dating that take away some of the most unpleasant parts of dating. There is no pressure or expectation to take things to the next level after an evening of drinking and dinner. Since you will be going home in broad daylight you won’t have to worry about making any bad decisions due to being tired and maybe a little [...]