Everything You Wish You Knew About Getting Mr Right!

Learn how to avoid wasting time with players, flakers and "unavailable men" and learn what's stopping you from meeting "Mr Right"...

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With this program you will go from your current situation to having the man or relationship you want!

Why did we create this program?

I talk to multiple people about the subject every single day, mostly women. This is what I hear:

  • Men put in no effort.
  • Men don’t want to commit.
  • Men don’t know how to communicate.
  • Men lie.
  • Men disappear when I thought everything was going great.

As result I created “Everything You Wish You Knew About Getting Mr Right”, a guide on how to how to avoid wasting time with players, flakers and “unavailable men”.

You'll learn​:

  • 7 simple questions to let you know if he really loves you
  • Where to find relationship-ready men
  • How to become more approachable to men using this one little trick
  • How to avoid the worst mistakes women make with men in dating
  • Check lists and quizzes to see if you're on the right track with any guy

Talk soon,

Derek Gerodias

Table of Contents/Topics Covered


How To Know If He Really Loves You

7 Simple Questions To Let You Know If He Really Loves You

How To Meet And Attract Emotionally Available Men Who Are Ready For A Relationship

Where To Find Relationship-ready Men?

How To Avoid The Worst Mistakes Women Make With Men In Dating And What To Do Instead

How To Instantly Spot “Mr. Right”: The 7 Step Checklist

5 Practical Tests to Figure Out If He’s “Mr Right”


$37 $7