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Making a good impression when you meet new people is always important. Whether you are meeting an interviewer for a job or meeting a date you should do whatever you can to make a good impression. It’s true that people will form an opinion of you within the first minute of meeting you. So taking steps to make sure that impression is a good one will help you in all areas of your life.

Here are some things that you can do to make sure you always make a great first impression on everyone that you meet:

Show Your Style

Making a good impression doesn’t mean you have to look boring and bland. You can and should show off your own style. Expressing yourself is great as long as you look put together. Make sure that your clothes are clean and don’t have any runs or tears or holes. Don’t wear your favorite old faded sweatshirt on a date. Make sure that your clothes are appropriate for where you are going. You wouldn’t wear a cocktail dress to the movies, for example, or a 3 piece suit on a hiking date. But as long as your clothes look good, fit you well, and are appropriate there is no reason why you shouldn’t show off your style and personality.

Look People in the Eye

It sounds simple, but just making eye contact will give people a positive impression of you. Don’t hold the eye contact for a long time, because that will come across as a little creepy, but when you meet new people look them in the eye and introduce yourself. Just that little action will tell them that you are confident and a trustworthy person. Most people assume that someone who doesn’t look them in the eye when speaking is not trustworthy.

If you are shy or have social anxiety and have trouble making eye contact practice at home in the mirror or practice on a family member or friend so that you will eventually be able to look strangers in the eye when speaking. It’s worth taking the time to get good at making eye contact because it is something that people use to judge whether or not they can trust you.

Have a Firm Handshake

It sounds old-fashioned but a firm handshake never goes out of style. Whether you are meeting a man or a woman look them in the eye and give them a firm handshake and they will have a good impression of you. A firm handshake is classic, confident, and assertive which is everything you want to convey about your personality in just one action.


No matter how nervous or uncomfortable you are one of the best things that you can do when you want to make a good impression is to smile. Smiling invites people to talk to you and interact with you. It also makes you look comfortable and at ease even if you aren’t. Smile at people when you meet them and smile at people you want to meet to invite them to come over and talk to you.

Ask The Other Person About Themselves

No one wants to listen to someone talk about themselves for an entire conversation. When you meet someone new smile, shake hands, make eye contact, and then give them a brief overview of who you are. Then ask them about themselves, and really listen to the response they give you. If you are listening to them it will make them feel important and they will have a good impression of you.

Be Able to Talk About Yourself

Being able to give a clear and concise statement about yourself will give people information about you that they will use to decide if you are a great person or not. So instead of stammering on and on about what you do or where you are from prepare a short 2 sentence introduction that you give to new people in any situation that will let them know who you are. Practice saying your introduction in the mirror at home until you can say it clearly with no breaks, stammering, or slang. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Just say your name and what you do or what you are interested in and why you are at the event. Then you can ask the other person questions that will encourage conversation.

Making a good impression when you meet new people will take a little practice but it’s definitely worth it. You can finally be the kind of person who can sweep into a room and introduce themselves to everyone without worry, fear or embarrassment. That will leave everyone you meet with a great impression of you and help you get ahead both socially and professionally.