Text Secrets: Why She Won't Message Back

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One of the biggest issues guys have is "What text messages can I send a woman to build attraction?"

Here’s the truth:
If you think you can build attraction by text messaging alone you'll be disappointed. Attraction is best built “in person” and not just by text message. However, you CAN make things exciting by building her interest, making her laugh etc… by sending her fun, interesting and playful texts (see below for some examples).

3 Text Messages That Build Attraction

Text #1:
YOU: “Stop telling all your friends about me, its embarrassing”

Text #2:
YOU: “OMG was that you, watching me from the bushes?”

Also, a great way to send playful texts is to pretend that SHE is hitting on you.

Here is one of my favourite “playful” texts to send women (works all the time!)

Text #3:
HER: “I’m going to bed now, good night”.
YOU: “Wow! I don’t know you that well. I’m sleeping in my own bed tonight. But nice try, dork “

My new program gives you heaps of word-for-word text messages you can send women in almost ANY situation to get more dates with women.

What if she does not text YOU back?

Recently, a lot of guys have been asking me the same question…

There are 3 reasons why women don’t reply to text messages …
1) She is super busy. Maybe she is busy at work, in a meeting, or helping a girlfriend get over a break up. Whatever. She doesn’t have time to get back to you, right now. Don’t pester her with MORE texts. Be patient.

2) She HATES texting. Some women just don’t text. You can call her. Don’t know what to say on the phone?
In this program, we explain exactly what to say when you call a woman to get her excited about seeing you.

3) She might not be interested in you. Maybe she gave you her number out of politeness. Maybe you got her number quickly, without getting to know her, and she is not sure about you. In any situation …

Here are 2 texts you can send if she doesn't reply…

Text #1:
"Knock, knock?" And then play out a knock, knock joke with her. She won’t be able to resist this one.

Text #2:
YOU: “You’re not going to believe who I just met!”
HER: “Who?”
YOU: I met your twin sister, although she speaks Spanish. You never told me about her?

This new program reveals heaps and heaps of word-for-word text messages you can send in almost every situation.

Derek Gerodias

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Table of Contents/Topics Covered


When should I send the very first message and what should it say?

Text or phone conversation?

What should I send to make her more attracted to me?

How do I escalate the text conversation without scaring her away?

How do you have a fun and interesting conversation?

What should I do if she doesn’t respond to my texts or only sends me short messages back?

What is the best way to set up a date via texting?

What should I text after a first date?


What should I say to get a woman’s phone number?

When should I first call her?

How can I avoid awkward silences on the phone?

Should I try to setup a date on the first call? Or during another call later?

After a Speed Dating Event - What to say after you receive your matches?

BONUS: The “3 Irresistible Texts”

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